Come and  look !

Hundreds  of sqm  eyes  delight

We buy and sell old and antique furniture.

Lots from the 50 -, 60 -, and 70's.

We also have a wide selection of ornamental 

and useful things in our flea market department.

Glass and porcelain in plenty.

Welcome to our store in Gothenburg!

Gamla Tuvevägen 15C


We have more then 30 years experience in the business  

We started this company more then 30 years ago, because we ourselves appreciate beautiful things with good quality and nice design. Beautiful furniture to compliment the home and crockery and ornaments that give us satisfaction in everyday life.

You are welcome to us to find what suits you!

We buy all or part of homes

and perform clearing and cleaning.


We handle all personal information provided via this website solely for our own sake and for the purpose for which they have been provided. No information is passed on to third parties